1. How do I go about using Prescod Shea Cosmetics? 

For our shea based products; swipe the butter with a single pad of your finger, that will be enough to moisturize one section of your body/hair and beard.

2. How long would it take me to finish a 2 oz vs 24 oz container of body butter? How about the 2 oz eight pack

A 24 oz container of body butter will take about three to four months to finish with daily use; with the same regimen, two and a half months for the 16 oz container of body butter. When considering the 2 oz containers, no less than 2 weeks. This would translate to sixteen weeks (4 months) for the 2 oz eight pack. 

3. Who are these products catered to? 

Shea butter lovers as well as those seeking all-natural cosmetics.

4. How do I use the Natural Hair leave-in conditioner?

Depending on how you style your hair, product use will vary. The purpose of these products are to moisturize, strengthen and repair damaged hair. Wet and comb out the desired area. Those who are looking to grow and strengthen their hair, focus on applying the product to your scalp and ends. Additionally, take time to massage the body of hair with the product. Place hair in a protective hairstyle and tie it up (bonnet/durag etc).

Those interested in waving their hair; start with wetting your hair and combing out your hair in the direction of your wave pattern (feel free to skip this step on some days). Brush hair in your wave pattern and apply leave-in all over your head of hair. Brush one more time before tying your hair up with a durag or wave cap

5. How do I use the Beard Balm deep conditioner?

Similar to the application of the Natural Hair leave-in, start by wetting then brushing your beard. Once brushed out, gradually add the product to your beard. Remember that this product is the most potent, not much is needed. Ensure to focus on your ends by ‘stringing out’ your beard

6. What are some of the results of consistent care? 

“I’ve been using nothing but shea butter on my skin, hair and beard since 2014. Before then, who knows. I wouldn’t be able to say that I’ve been using it exclusively for decades. So when I made the switch, I felt it instantly. Being someone who was unaware of the unhealthy ingredients found in the products we get on the store shelves, it took me cutting out many of the ‘staples’ we grew up on. Gladly, many staples made the cut. Like shea butter, coconut oil and castor oil; don’t they seem like primary colours? I am so glad that I stuck close to them because they sparked the medley we call Prescod Shea. Now that it’s been years of consistent care, I know the health of my skin, hair and beard. Before then, who knows.” - Khalil Prescod; President, CEO & Founder of Prescod Shea Cosmetics.

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