Prescod Shea Cosmetics originated from the culmination of community economics and family values. The St. Lucian concept of “Se Sennou”, meaning “it is ours”, is a fundamental factor to Prescod Shea’s commitment to empowering the community it serves.

Bred from a family that has spent countless years contributing to community health & betterment, Khalil Prescod earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Honours Social Psychology from McMaster University. While holding tight to the tools he accumulated in the classroom, he received an epiphany.

Throughout his educational journey, he created a bond between his passion for holistic health and his newfound interest in hygiene products. He realized that together they cultivate positive outcomes individuals strive for. By supporting those that display day by day expressions of what they are expected to be, Prescod Shea Cosmetics supports them in holding true to their pure selves. He acknowledged that this effect on wellness and self-awareness will only lead to collective success.